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American Charter Development

Charter School Starter Kit

Helping School Board and Community Members Navigate the Charter School Journey

Charter School Educations Offers

Freedom and Flexibility

Over 7% of all public schools are charter schools. This number continues to grow as parents and community members seek for alternatives to traditional education. 

Starting a charter school is not an easy process. ACD is here to help. 

When you download this Charter School Starter Kit you’ll get access to: 

  • Facility Budget Template
  • Quick Facilities Checklist
  • Lease Calculator

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Facility Development Timeframes

Learn the building and development timeframes for types of charter school facilities

Do's and Don'ts for Charter School Facilities

We've learned from building 70+ charter school facilities and share those insights with you

Facility Budget Template
Quick Facilities Checklist

If you are doing these things, then you are on the correct path to building your charter school

School Leaders!

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Budget Template | Lease Payment Calculator | Printable Checklist for your next board meeting.

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