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Charter School Financing and Development
Frequently Asked Questions

Charter School Facility FAQ's

A typical charter school should plan to allocate approximately 65-80 square feet per student. Normally, a school’s space will be divided into 2/3 classrooms, and 1/3 office and support areas.

Basic Charter School Questions

A charter school is an independent public school that operates independently of the district board of education. In essence, a charter school is a one-school public school district. A group of people — educators, parents, community leaders, educational entrepreneurs or others — formulize a charter plan describing the school’s guiding principles, governance structure, and applicable accountability measures. If the state approves the charter, the state funds the charter on a per pupil basis. In most cases charter schools operate under a clear agreement between the state and the school: increased autonomy in exchange for increased accountability. Because they are schools of choice, they are held to the highest level of accountability — consumer demand.

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