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Land Acquisition

Charter School Land Acquisition

The success of any project is explicitly linked with the ability of the school to achieve their target student enrollment and the aptitude of the development team to effectively manage costs.

One of the most impactful decisions on both enrollment and costs is the real estate that is selected for a particular project.

ACD recognizes the critical nature of an appropriate site and understands how overwhelming the site selection, underwriting and acquisition process can be for schools and their respective boards.  As such, ACD has developed and established a streamlined approach to assist schools with this crucial aspect of the development process. 

The efficiency of the ACD approach involves hard work, intimately involving the school with all aspects of the process and utilizing our vast experience to assist the school in making appropriate decisions.

American Charter Development's
Competitive Advantage

We utilize sophisticated real estate market and demographic tools to assist the school in locating a site that will enable them to maximize studentenrollment. In addition to the initial site selection services, once a property has been selected, ACD places the site through a rigorous underwriting process to further ensure the property can be utilized for our clients’ specific needs. As always, there is no upfront charge for any of these or other ACD services until a project has come to a successful completion.